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5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Recycle Scrap Metal

Do you have scrap metal in your business you’re thinking about recycling in Wrexham? Recycling metal is common practice across the UK since it takes far less energy than metal production. And since it can withstand continual recycling, scrap metal is an environmentally friendly way to make new products and recover precious metals needed for computers and other technology.

If you’re a contractor or business that regularly produces scrap metal, here are five important reasons to find a local scrap dealer to set up a regular contract with.

1. Preserve depleting natural resources

Recycling metal reduces the need to mine for virgin metal and saves precious natural resources such as coal and iron ore. Because of this, scrapping unwanted metal is seen as eco-friendly and a relatively easy way to improve your company’s green credentials.

2. Make money on unwanted metal

Metal is easily recycled without damaging the original properties. Therefore, unlike plastic, it doesn’t get downgraded after each recycling phase. It can be repeated as many times as needed and so the value will never decrease.

Scrap yards will always pay good money for in-demand scrap metals, meaning you can easily make money from your waste materials.

3. Offset your company’s carbon emissions

Our planet is in a climate crisis, so it’s vital that companies do all they can to offset emissions and reduce their impact on the planet. An easy way to do this is begin regularly recycling your scrap metal. This will help you reach a “zero to landfill” target and cuts down on your emissions.

To give you an idea of the impact, one tonne of aluminium saves nine tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere when it is properly recycled.

4. Save money by reducing production cost

It is actually cheaper to recycle metals than it is to send them to landfill. So many companies do it as a way of cutting down on production costs. By taking the time to structure an effective waste stream, you’ll be able to turn this into collection costs and improve your bottom line.

5. Meet recycling industry standards

There is increasing pressure on all industries to improve their recycling standards. As such, most industries are seeing more and more strict policies they must meet in order to avoid fines or green taxes.

Having scrap metal collected regularly and recycled will help you meet these standards and help you stay ahead of policy changes.

Need a reliable scrap metal recycling contract?

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