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How are Cars Scrapped at a Car Scrap Yard?

About 1.63 million cars were sold in the UK last year, and although this is slowly declining from the previous decade, thousands of old cars will still be heading to the scrap yard. If you have an old car that you’re thinking about scrapping, you might be wondering what happens to it when you bring it to our car scrapyard in Wrexham. In this post, we’ll take you through the process.

Your Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF)

A car can only legally be scrapped by an authorised treatment facility (ATF). This is because all hazardous materials in the car have to be expertly removed and all useable parts salvaged before it can be crushed and recycled.

I Hayward Ltd is an ATF in Wrexham with the necessary licenses to legally scrap and recycle cars.

The Vehicle Depollution Process

In the first phase of the depollution process, all hazardous materials are removed from the car. The lead-acid battery is first since the materials within these are the most dangerous for the environment.

Tyres are removed next and sent to specialist recycling centres. They’re not usually kept on-site since tyre fires are a risk and can burn for days.

After that, the LPG gas tanks are removed, followed by airbags since these have the potential to explode.

Then, the car’s fuel oils, filters, coolant, anti-freeze, and other liquids are all disposed of to avoid contaminating soil and nearby water supplies.

Finally, the catalytic converter is removed along with any mercury-containing switches.

Your Certificate of Destruction

Once the car has been depolluted, it’s safe to be crushed and all the metals, plastics, and fibres are separated to be recycled.

Once your car has been destroyed, you’ll be issued with a Certificate of Destruction which shows your car was destroyed by an approved authority. These can only be issued by the DVLA and an authorised ATF, such as I Hayward Ltd.

Want to sell your car for scrap in Wrexham?

At I Hayward Ltd, we offer top prices for scrap cars as well as a free pick-up service in the Wrexham area. As an Authorised Treatment Facility, we are approved to scrap and recycle cars and have a dedicated depletion bay in our scrap yard.

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